Monica was born and raised in Finland. Since she was 7 years old I’ve spent most of my free time in dance classes,  competitions and rehearsals. She has performed in several musicals, music videos and received multiple awards.
Her passion for dance brought me to LA, where she found yoga. Yoga helped her find balance in my dance practice.

“I was able to condition and strengthen my body in ways I never imagined possible. I fell in love with yoga sculpt and soon practicing yoga became my number one priority. Yoga has been my guide and healer, my sanctuary, in a fast-paced high-pressure work environment.

I have grown a huge passion for health and fitness, which is something you will notice in my class. As a teacher, my goal is to motive you, and help you realize how much strength you actually posses. “Yes you can, yes you will” is a theme you will hear throughout my class.”