AuraYoga Studio

At AuraYoga, we channel our students’ desire for personal growth and apply it to an engaging, challenging and fulfilling yoga program that adds modern training techniques to a foundation steeped in the practice’s 5000-year-old tradition.

Aura’s team of professional yoga instructors consistently innovates in its class preparation and sequencing, creating what has been praised as the most dynamic yoga studio in Los Angeles. While each instructor’s teaching style is influenced by his or her own methodology, all AuraYoga classes place a focus on breathing and form. Yogis of all levels are welcome to participate in Aura’s array of flow-based yoga classes, and are challenged to find new levels of achievement in each stage of their practice.

Class Descriptions

Aura Flow

This movement and breath-based class runs is a great introduction to Aura sequencing and methodology. You’ll connect mind, body and spirit through an array of instructor-crafted routines, and leave having tested both your strength and cardiovascular capabilities. All levels. This class is heated up to 85 degrees.

Aura Power

This 60 or 75‑minute Aura Power class extrapolates on the fluid movements of our standard Aura Flow class by adding power-based sequencing, arm balances and inversions, building your flexibility, cardiovascular and strength. All levels. This class is heated up to 85 degrees.

Aura Hot Fusion

Our Hot Fusion class is a fusion of Aura Flow and Aura Power. It focuses on lower body poses with an emphasis on balancing and standing poses that help to detox your body. It is a perfect class if you have elbow, shoulder and wrist issues. All levels. This class is heated up to 99 degrees

Aura Sculpt

This 60‑minute class combines the flowing motion of Vinyasa yoga with light weight training to tone the full body. Work on core stabilization, balance and muscular strength. This class includes short intervals of cardio to get your heart rate up. The room is heated to about 85 degrees, This class will help you move even deeper into yoga poses for a challenging and rewarding practice. All levels. This class is heated up to 85 degrees.

TRX BodyBlast

Burn calories and tone muscle with this TRX‑based workout that builds both strength and endurance. During this 50‑minute class, you will hit every major muscle group, tax your core and sweat out your body’s toxins to leave feeling challenged and refreshed. All levels.
Reminder: Wear athletic shoes to all AuraBody classes!

Aura Restorative Flow

Designed to help ease the body into the various poses and provide a recovery from strenuous training, this class is favored by beginners and experienced yogis alike. The heated room and the emphasis on maintaining poses for longer intervals helps the body open and lengthen. All levels. This class is heated up to 99 degrees.

Aura Breath

With techniques used by healers and shamans, this class incorporates meditation, visualization techniques, sound therapy and breath control to raise your vibrational state above its normal level. Balance your mind and body and release all that no longer serves. All levels.