At AuraCycle, we push students to develop their cardiovascular stamina while sculpting their frames through a series of high-intensity classes. Aura instructors motivate their students throughout each session, challenging them to push through training plateaus and achieve new peaks in endurance. Set to instructor-selected playlists, AuraCycle classes are well regarded as the most engaging, lively, and challenging indoor cycling classes in Los Angeles.

Class Descriptions


Aura Cycle

Tap it back in our rhythm based class which incorporates the use of arm weights and core exercises in a 45-minute, fat-burning session that produces a solid, full body workout. All levels.

Aura Precision

This 45-minute challenging class incorporates hills and heavy resistance in a timed, interval-training format designed to build athletic ability. Arm weights may be used by the instructor to add an upper-body definition component to the workout. All levels.

Aura Endurance

This 60-minute, fat-burning endurance ride incorporates arm weights and focuses on controlled form and continuous movement to target specific heart rate zones. All levels.

Community Ride

We welcome athletes, cyclists and newcomers alike to try out our studio FREE of charge in this 45‑minute, community-celebrating cardio session. All levels.

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