AuraBody’s program is designed to help students build lean, toned physiques through the use of body‑weight suspension training. This form of training employs adjustable bands harnessed around an anchor that allow a user to execute an almost infinite variety of moves that tax specific muscle groups without injuring joints. A superior and safer form of resistance training than traditional weightlifting, AuraBody’s methodology strengthens both major and fine muscle groups, while providing a high caloric burn normally found in cardio‑specific classes.

Class Descriptions

TRX BodyBlast

Burn calories and tone muscle with this TRX‑based workout that builds both strength and endurance. During this 50‑minute class, you will hit every major muscle group, tax your core and sweat out your body’s toxins to leave feeling challenged and refreshed. All levels.

TRX Lower Body & Core

Get ready for a 50-minute, non-stop lower body and core workout! This is your chance to use the power of TRX and your body weight to train and sculpt your legs, hips, glutes and abs. All levels welcome.

Reminder: Wear athletic shoes to all AuraBody classes!

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TRX Power Core

This 45-minute workout incorporates TRX movements to isolate, shape, train and tax your abdominal muscles to their full capacity. By developing the abdomen, this class builds core strength and hip stability, necessary attributes that athletes need to generate explosive power. All levels.

TRX Upper Body & Core

This 50‑minute TRX session focuses on developing core and upper‑body strength, specifically targeting the arms, chest, back and shoulders. All levels are welcome to join this challenging, muscle‑defining class. All levels.