Great article in this weekend’s LA Times about LA’s indoor cycling scene! LA Times journalist Vincent Boucher reviewed the hottest indoor cycling studios in Los Angeles, by dropping in and pedaling down on an AuraCycle class led by our lead fitness instructor, Trent David.

“Some classes envelope you in a mood and others play the tech side of things. All deliver on the attributes that have made cycling classes so popular: a hard-charging, calorie-burning ride; low-impact cardiovascular exercise that’s also a strength-building workout for the legs, backside and core (with some allover toning often thrown in); a highly motivated session that gets busy people in and out in an hour or so. And keeps them coming back.”

How does Aura stack up against the others in the top 5?

“Today it’s the always gregarious Trent David, is a longtime fitness expert in in L.A. and a DJ on the side who brings a sense of fun (when not on the bike, he’s dancing around with hands in the air) without slacking off on the workout…If you want to relive your disco days or just bring a dance club vibe to your cycling class, this is the place…And the time flew by. The class was the quickest hour of the week.”

Click here to read the full LA Times article.

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