AuraCycle studio room

Indoor Cycling Studio fans, check us out! The Collection featured AuraCycle in their recent post Spin It To Win It, highlighting the best indoor Cycling studios across Los Angeles. Achieve the ultimate body. Be sure to check out our current schedule and experience what everyone is talking about. Founded on busy West 3rd Street in 2012 Aura has gained a strong following of dedicated locals.

The minds behind Aura know that staring at a blank white wall while exercising can be not only boring but demoralizing. So they made their studios a little more interesting. Dark walls set aglow with a full spectrum of neon lighting help unleash endorphins and boost energy while an instructor-selected playlist motivates students to power through their plateaus. This, coupled with the incorporation of arm weights and core exercises, means that students at Aura Cycle leave each indoor cycling session feeling accomplished and challenged.

This sensory stimulation, known as the Aura Experience, is an integral part of Aura’s programs, including AuraYoga. Set to instructor-curated playlists in a uniquely designed and darkened studio, the varying color frequencies are intended to open chakras as yogis tone their muscles. Concentration on breathing and form is the core of Aura’s flow-based yoga classes, though each session depends on the intended purpose—restoration, arm strength, or body sculpting, for instance—and the methodology of the instructor. Other instructors have backgrounds in professional dance, acting, or swimming. AuraYoga classes, and instructors, are regularly reviewed as being among the best in Los Angeles. For students looking to add variety to their training, the studio also offers AuraBody classes where students are consistently challenged by demanding body-weight exercises that build lean, functional muscle.



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